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Cover as seen on Google Books

Pokemon Story is a massive, 500+ page book co-written by Kenji Hatakeyama and Masakazu Kubo. It was first released on 10 December 2000. The book covers the origins of Pokémon and chronicles the first four years of the franchise's history. Main author Hatakeyama interviewed numerous people involved with the creation of Pokémon. Co-author Masakazu Kubo, himself a core person within the franchise, provides commentary at the bottom of the pages. This makes it difficult to put the book's text in a digital document in such a way that it can be interpreted correctly by machine translators.

The book was also released as two bunkobon (pocket books), released on 25 April 2002.

Table of contents[edit]

Chapter Pages
Cover (without sleeve), back (without sleeve)
0_2, 0_3, 0_4, 0_5, 0_6, 0_7, 0_8
Table of contents 25
Foreword 612
Chapter 1: Birth 13
   Subchapter 1: Game Creator 1443
   Subchapter 2: Nintendo 4474
   Subchapter 3: Producers 75105
   Subchapter 4: Production 106131
   Subchapter 5: Post Production 132158
Chapter 2: Breakthrough 159
   Subchapter 1: Release 160175
   Subchapter 2: CoroCoro Comic 176223
   Subchapter 3: PCG ~ Pokemon Card Game 224249
   Subchapter 4: Presentation 250288
   Subchapter 5: Animation 289354
   Subchapter 6: Breakthrough 355396
Chapter 3: United States 397399
   Subchapter 1: San Francisco 400425
   Subchapter 2: Radio City - Music Hall 426450
   Subchapter 3: Sial 451468
Chapter 4: Pokemon World 469
   Subchapter 1: Pokemon 2001 470483
   Subchapter 2: Satoshi Tajiri World – Long Interview 484518
Epilogue 519531
Timeline 532537
List of 251 pocket monsters 538541
References and publishing information 542543

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Pokemon Story was released as a hardcover 'big book' on 10 December 2000 by Nikkei BP. A two-part bunkobon version was released on 25 April 2002 by Kadokawa Shoten.

The big book and the pocket books do not differ in terms of text.

Note that Google Books incorrectly labels the second bunkobon as "Volume 3". This is wrong; there is no volume 3.


For a ZIP file containing all scans, go here (1.45 GB).
Here is a mirror of the ZIP file at MEGA.

I can create a PDF document of the book if all pages have been proofread.
Similarly, I can create a PDF document of the book if all pages have been translated.

You can help!