From Poké Sources

1. What is Poké Sources?

A crowdsource project with the goal of translating six Japanese books on Pokémon.

2. Why did you create this website?

I first thought of creating this site while working on the Pokémon article on the English WP. I quickly realized that it could not be written by using only English sources, because not enough of them exist. I can't read Japanese, so I scanned all the pages, OCRed and machine translated them, then cited the books and page numbers in the Wikipedia article. I published the books online so that people could see what I cited. And, hopefully, write a human translation someday.

3. But wait... isn't this copyright violation?

Yes, but I don't care. This website hosts SIX books. All are over two decades old and out-of-print. They cannot be found in any library outside Japan. They cannot be bought digitally on Kindle or any other eBook service. If the publishers would make these books legally available online, free or not, then I would be more than happy to shut this site down.

4. Don't you fear legal action will be taken against you?

For six books? That would be rather pathetic. But who knows. We'll see what happens.

5. What if this site is taken offline?

Be sure to download a backup file of this wiki here.

6. Why don't you commission professional translators?

If you can afford them, go ahead.

7. I want to translate some pages/chapters. Where do I start?

See Objectives.

8. Why is this site called "Poké Sources" instead of "Pokésources"?

I opted for the first one because of the way "Poké Ball" is written.

9. Do you consider yourself God?

Not at all. 😂 The username is a joke.

If you have any more questions, feel free to add them below.