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Objective 1: Proofread[edit]

The text of the scanned pages was extracted using OCR. I'd say this process was about 99,5% accurate. The remaining 0,5% will have to be fixed manually. Once you have proofread a page, please change this tag tag to {{page proofread|yes}}.

Objective 2: Translate[edit]

After the pages have been proofread and, if necessary, corrected, they can be translated. A page containing a translation could be named "<title> (translation)". The page with Japanese text should be tagged with {{page translated|yes}} once a translation has been completed.

Objective 3: Create PDFs[edit]

Once all chapters of a book are proofread, a PDF of the book can be made. I can create a DOCX in MS Word, then save it as a PDF when I'm done. The same procedure can be followed once all chapters are translated.