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Front of the original hardcover book, without the obi strip.

Satoshi Tajiri: A Man Who Created Pokemon is a 2004 book containing a series of interviews with the titular founder of Game Freak, conducted between October 2002 and December 2003. Tajiri talks about his childhood, his early years as a writer, the founding of his company, and how he came up with the core ideas behind Pokémon.

The book contains a lot of footnotes. And when I say a lot, I really mean a lot. It has 159 footnotes in total, spread over 200 pages. The footnotes make machine translating the book more difficult.

This book should not be confused with the manga of the same name. These two books are not related.

Table of contents[edit]

Chapter Pages
Cover (without obistrip, without sleeve), Back (without obistrip, without sleeve)
p0_2, p0_3, p0_4, p0_5, p0_6
Preface 2, 3
Table of contents 4, 5
Satoshi Tajiri's Timeline 6, 7
8, 9, 10
Chapter 1
    Encounter with Satoshi Tajiri 1121
    Column 1: Television Games of the 80's 2239
    Special collection: Complete reproduction of the first Game Freak issue 4054
    Game Freak All Batuk Number List 5560
Chapter 2
    Satoshi Tajiri's 80's 6184
    Column 2: A very short subculture theory 8587
    Special Collection "Quinty" Development Document 8894
Chapter 3
    Satoshi Tajiri's 90s 95110
    Column 3: Television Games of the 1990s 111128
    Special Collection of "Pokémon" Development Documents 129144
    Conversation Satoshi Tajiri X Ken Sugimori 145168
Chapter 4
    Satoshi Tajiri's Creation 169197
Afterword 198199
Publishing information 200
201, '02, '03

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A Man Who Created Pokemon was originally released as a hardcover book on 6 March 2004 by Ohta Publishing. A bunkobon version was published on 22 April 2009 by Media Factory, the same company that publishes the Pokémon card game.

The hardcover and bunkobon versions do not differ in terms of content.

Note that amazon.com (but not amazon.co.jp) refers to the hardcover version as a paperback, i.e. a softcover. This is incorrect. I have the book right here, and it's a hardcover. To my knowledge, the only softcover is the pocket book version.


The original, Japanese title of this book is 『田尻 智  ポケモンを創った男』. Most people will probably translate the second part, after Tajiri's name, as "The Man Who Created Pokemon", not as "A Man Who Created Pokemon". However, both the original and the re-released version of the book have the phrase "A Man Who Created Pokemon" on the cover. I decided to go along with that, even though it reminds me of so-called Engrish.


For a ZIP file containing all scans, go here (849 MB).
Here is a mirror of the ZIP file at MEGA.

I can create a PDF document of the book if all pages have been proofread.
Similarly, I can create a PDF document of the book if all pages have been translated.

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