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Cover, without obi strip.

Game Freak: A Creative Group That Redefines the Global Standard for Gaming is a book written by former Game Freak staff member Akihito Tomisawa. He joined the company as a contract worker in July 1991, and became a fulltime employee later on. As such, Tomisawa personally worked with the people who created the main Pokémon games. His book provides a rare, behind-the-scene look at the early years of both Game Freak and Pokémon.

Table of contents[edit]

Chapter Pages
Cover (w obi strip, w/o sleeve), back (w obi strip, w/o sleeve)
0_2, 0_3, 0_4
Prologue 27
Table of Contents 8
Part 1: Pocket Monsters 9
   Chapter 1: On the Eve of Birth 1041
   Chapter 2: Aiding Pokémon Production 4282
   Chapter 3: Intermission 83101
   Chapter 4: Completing Pokémon 102140
Part 2: Gaming Freaks 141
   Chapter 1: Boy Satoshi 142189
   Chapter 2: The Game Writer Era 190217
   Chapter 3: Quinty Production Secrets 218247
   Chapter 4: The Age of Professional Search 248275
Epilogue 276283
Author's Afterword 284287

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Game Freak was released on 1 September 2000. It was published by Media Factory, the same company that publishes the Pokémon card game.

Google Books,,
ISBN: 978-4840101189.


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